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At Dgeum we think about a sustainable future, that’s why we have created a product manufactured in a sustainable way.
Our tiles are hand pressed and hardened at room temperature for 28 days.
The hardness of our tiles is obtained naturally, without firing or emissions in our manufacturing process, so the result and our commitment is to obtain exclusive tiles with low emissions.

Dgeum Collection
Creative Cement Tiles

We have created real cement pieces, hand pressed and dried at room temperature for 28 days. The robustness of our pieces is acquired in a natural way achieving low emission pieces. Thanks to this natural drying process we will never find two equal pieces.

After 28 days of drying, we moisten our pieces again and we age them in a traditional way to close the porosity of the cement and accentuate its textures. Each piece acquires small imperfections that make it unique and inimitable.

Once this process is finished, we calibrate the pieces in the formats 15x15x1,1 cm and 20x20x1,3 cm.to facilitate their placement. Both formats are suitable for use in flooring or wall cladding.

Afterwards, we print our designs on the pieces, using organic inks that penetrate the cement. The inks fuse with the cement, creating a surface that exhibits the natural textures of the cement.

Finally, we treat our pieces to reduce their absorption and brush them one by one to give them that brightness that is so characteristic of authentic cement.



Our tiles are made of white or grey cement, pressed by hand and designed with organic inks. Due to the cement and our manufacturing process each piece has small imperfections that make them unique and unrepeatable.
We treat our pieces with natural waxes to reduce their porosity and protect their surface. However, they are pieces of cement and some precautions must be taken.


2.1. Support should be flat, clean and dry.
2.2. Apply uniformly mortar like Kerakoll H40 Eco Flex using a notched trowel and place dry tiles without holes under them.
2.3. For the grout use a special product with colour similar to our tiles. The grout is of cement and adheres to our tiles modifying slightly its final color.
2.4. Clean with a sponge and plenty of water before the grout begins to dry.


3.1. Clean with water and neutral soap.
3.2. The designs are made with organic inks that penetrate in the cement, do not use chemical or abrasive products for cleaning.
3.3. If you want to reduce the absorption in the pieces you can use natural waxes.
3.4. No claims will be admitted for causes that violate the exposed information.


The grout is important for make correct installation and maximize beauty of cement.
We recommended Kerakoll Fugabella Eco Porcelana 0-5.
02 Light Grey for white cement.
04 Iron Grey for grey cement.
05 Anthracite for dark designs.

  • The fusion of the inks with the cement achieves inimitable textures.

    Bahamas A 15x15 Tropic and Bahamas B 15x15 Black
  • The natural look of aged cement makes each piece unique.

    Berlin C 15x15 Sky
  • The organic inks penetrate into the cement obtaining exclusive colours.

    Milan A 15x15 Mix

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We opened our factory in 1992.

Since then we have always worked with cement, stone and metal and we have a long experience with these materials.


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