Gray cement tiles in 15x15 cm with 3d relief in green

Cement tiles 3d with machined relief

Cement tiles 3d machined to obtain authentic reliefs with natural textures. A new concept that makes 3d tiles by simply machining the concrete.
This concept is based on creating tiles in relief with designs of geometric figures.
As a result, with this idea we can make multiple embossed surfaces that create combinations of designs and textures.

Tiles 3d

We have a machining center where we make new designs and effects on our cement tiles. In fact, the pieces are machined with different depths to achieve original reliefs.

Our 3d tiles are machined in bas-relief with a depth of 2 mm. All in all, the thickness of our 3d tiles is 13 millimeters. We machine our pieces with precision tools, so that leave a very fine finish.

To conclude, the 3d machined tiles can be grouted with colored cement to combine them with our concrete colors.

Cement tiles 3d white
Circle grey cement tiles in 15x15 cm with 3d relief in grey

Shadow and light

The low relief surfaces can create an atmosphere of shadows, because of this, that give multiple creative possibilities to the lighting.

Due to the cement and our manufacturing process, each piece has different shades, shadows and shines. Therefore, that make them unique and unrepeatable, so no two pieces will ever be the same.

In our machining center we create geometric and minimalist designs. Thus, our concrete tiles combine perfectly with the latest trends in large format ceramic tiles.

Our exclusive designs

Minimalist ideas and simple geometries