Black hexagon tiles decorated with dune design inspiration

Hexagon tiles made out of natural cement

Hexagon tiles

Hexagon tiles made out of natural cement. This idea is based on hexagon tiles that fit together perfectly. For a fresh approach to home finishes the hexagon tiles looks innovative and stylish.

Hexagon is a non-directional geometric figure and give an effect of continuity in both floors and walls. In other words, another original way of transmitting the naturalness of cement.

Thanks to the perfection of its sides, we obtain a continuous cement sensation with different natural shades. The hexagon is perfect for natural cement tiles because can cover large surfaces without repeating patterns.

Hexagon tiles concept

When laying hexagon tiles, it is important that the sides are perfect so that they fit well on all six sides. To achieve this accuracy we make our hexagon tiles with a water jet cutting machine. Because of this, with this system we get a millimetric precision pieces.

We make hexagon tiles from our 20×20 cm pieces with a thickness of 13 mm. Finally, our hexagons have a format of 17,5×20 cm with sides of 10 cm.

To conclude, our tiles can be laid with no joint or with a 1.5 mm joint. Thus, with these grouts can be create different effects.

Black hexagon tiles with cement in mass inspired by boho style
Black hexagon tiles decorated with cube design inspiration

Natural sides in hexagon tiles

The sides taht we obtain with the water jet cut have a natural look thanks to the mass cement. This finish is perfectly integrated with the textures of the cement and leaves smoothed edges.

From our 20×20 cm format, it is also possible to make customized figures and adapt them to the latest design trends.

Our hexagon tiles are made with white, gray or black cement and we also make collections with designs made with Uv inks.

Exclusive Figures

The hexagon is a non-directional geometric figure, thus it ideal for floors and walls. With this special characteristic it becomes the ideal figure for designing large surfaces.
The origin of the hexagon is in nature as an optimal geometric figure. That is why the hexagon brings to the decoration an organic quality. It is a shape that evokes strength and endurance.
For a fresh approach to home finishes the hexagon tiles looks innovative and stylish, for both floors and walls.
Besides the hexagon, we can make all kinds of shapes with our waterjet cutting machine. We also can even make smaller shapes, always starting from our 20×20 cm pieces. And we can make combined figures to create unique geometries.