Concrete tiles made of cement, aggregates and water

White decorative tiles in 15x15 cm with sand design inspiration

Concrete tiles made from natural cement. Our tiles are manufactured from a complete mass of concrete which makes each tile unique, so no two tiles will ever be exactly the same. That's why we can create floor and wall tiles with a distinctly natural character.

We press our cement tiles in three different formats: 15×15 cm, 20×20 cm and 10×20 cm. These formats are suitable for both floors and walls. We also manufacture our tiles in two different thicknesses: 13 mm and 18 mm. These thicknesses guarantee high resistance, so our tiles can be used in the most demanding projects.

Detail of black concrete tiles in 15x15 cm with cement in mass inspired by urban architecture
Concrete tiles in 15x15 cm with cement in mass inspired by urban architecture

Cement and concrete

Cement is a versatile material, which is why it is widely used in architecture. It stands out for its naturalness and resistance, so you can combine cement with many natural materials such as stone, wood or metal.

With cement mixed with various aggregates and water we obtain concrete. Concrete is a living material that evolves over time, changing its appearance, especially its gloss and texture. To manufacture our tiles we have developed a concrete composition that shows us its natural beauty.

Sustainable concrete tiles

We manufacture our tiles in a sustainable way, so we press our tiles and harden them at room temperature for 28 days. As a result, our tiles harden naturally, without firing or emissions. Consequently, the result is special low-emission tiles.

Due to the natural hardening process, each tile has an individual appearance. After pressing, the irregular evaporation of water gives our tiles their natural strength and colours, which is why the cement has a different appearance on each tile.

Decorative tiles in 15x15 cm with line design inspiration

Natural Materia

We seek inspiration in natural materials to create a sustainable product, which is why our tiles convey the natural character of cement and integrate into the most avant-garde architecture.

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