Black hexagon tiles decorated with dune design inspiration

Hexagonal tiles made of natural cement.

We manufacture hexagonal tiles with a size of 17.5×20 centimetres. The sides are 10 centimetres and the thickness is 13 millimetres.

The edges are rectified, which gives them a technical look. This gives us the exact dimensions of each side.

The hexagon is a perfect shape for cement tiles because it can cover large surfaces. The size has been studied to be proportional to both small and large environments, and the 10 centimetre sides are ideal for new designs.

The surface finish has a random sheen in some areas of each tile. This appearance arises from the cement when a handmade polishing process is applied using an orbital machine.

Detail of white hexagon tiles decorated with cube design inspiration
Grey hexagon tiles decorated with dune design inspiration

Hexagonal tiles concept

The hexagon is a non-directional geometry. That is why it gives an effect of continuity on both floors and walls. In other words, it is another way of conveying the naturalness of concrete.

The origin of the hexagon is in nature as an optimal shape. That is why the hexagon brings an organic quality and, thanks to this, it is a shape that evokes strength and endurance.

Hexagonal tiles are elegant and bring a new approach to the finishing of our decoration projects.

Interior design and architecture

Our hexagonal tiles are an interesting choice for interiors, as they are a timeless shape widely used in architecture due to their organic design.

We can create unique kitchens and bathrooms using the colours and designs offered by our hexagonal tiles.

Our hexagonal tiles are made from mass concrete. In this way, we achieve a natural feeling of cement continuity.

Black hexagon tiles with cement in mass inspired by boho style
Detail of black hexagon tiles decorated with cube design inspiration

Creative Design

We create exclusive designs with the hexagonal shape. Patterns and colours that fit perfectly with an authentic style. Our designs are original, so we can adapt them to all styles of kitchens and bathrooms.