Copper metal tile in 15x15 cm inserted in green concrete

Metal tiles inserted in authentic concrete

Metal tiles inserted in authentic concrete to obtain pieces made of mixed materials. A new material that seamlessly merges concrete and metal.
In essence, we create 3d concrete tiles with geometric figures in relief where we can insert pieces of real metal.
We take the decoration of kitchens and bathrooms to another level. With this idea, in general, we can integrate our pieces with the latest trends in faucets.

Metal tiles

Our metal tiles are machined in bas-relief and combine them with metal inserts. To make the inserts, we use various metals in 2 millimeters of thickness: brass, copper, steel and corten. All in all, the thickness of our tiles is 13 millimeters.

Our pieces change over time. Consequently, their textures and their own natural wear and tear transmit different sensations. Thus, we manage to make tiles that go beyond an inert piece.

We make tiles with materials used in architecture and interior design. That is why they combine perfectly with structural and decorative materials such as concrete, metal, stone and wood.

Cement tiles 3d white
Cement tiles 3d terra

Glare and reflection

The metal inserted in the pieces remains level with the surface of the concrete, in brief, creates an original effect of changing textures. There are multiple combinations of concrete and metal, hence, the possibilities of decoration are almost infinite, thus achieving exclusive environments.

Cement and metal have unique, opposing sheens. This contrast of natural textures creates truly authentic pieces.

In our machining center, we create the bas-relief where the metal parts are inserted. We then fuse the metals to our tiles with a high strength elastic adhesive.

Our favorite metals

Brass, copper, steel and corten