Outdoor tiles manufactured in low thickness.

We make our outdoor tiles in 10×20 centimeters with a thickness of 18 millimeters.

Our tiles are made with cement and a mixture of various stones. Stones up to 2 mm thick gives our tiles a great resistance and a very natural organic appearance.

Outdoor tiles are full body concrete. They are non-slip type C3 due to the silica sand. Therefore it is an ideal option to place in high traffic areas.

Concrete outdoor tiles

Concrete are very porous and show the character of cement in its most original form. Silica has properties of hardness and texture that make it unique, as a result, silica together with cement create a surface different from other materials.

Our tiles are very resistant and anti-slip, due to this they can be used in areas of high humidity. Always bearing in mind that with water, natural shading appears and as a result an effect of random textures. Out outdoor tiles are easy to lay on a homogeneous subfloor, withstand heavy loads and are ideal for high traffic areas.

Extra protection

Concrete in their most authentic state, therefore they are a very interesting decorative option. For indoors, it is important to use a grout similar to the color of tiles. The grout and our tiles are made of cement, so the grout adheres slightly to our tiles.

It is also advisable to apply a product that protects the tiles. There are several products on the market dedicated to the protection of porous surfaces, we recommend Fob Xtreme, it is applied with a roller in a simple way without altering the natural appearance of cement.

Grey outdoor tiles in 10x20 cm with full body concrete

Organic appearance

We use natural materials to manufacture our tiles, therefore we obtain original and resistant tiles. We mix cement, silica, aggregates and water to produce an original product, as a result our tiles have an organic aspect.