Bathroom wall with blue concrete tiles in 15x15 cm - Arena collection

Decorative tiles designed with natural inks.

We make decorative tiles in three different sizes: 15×15, 20×20 and 10×20 centimeters. All of them with a thickness of 13 millimeters.

The edges of each tile are handmade rounded, thus, have a vintage look with effect of authentic aged concrete.

The designs with which we make our decorative tiles are classic. We renew a traditional concept that evokes the essence of hydraulic mosaic with completely new technical characteristics and effects.

The decorations are made with water based inks. We have developed a concrete composition in which the inks penetrate inside the cement and remain fixed to it in a natural way.

Living room wall with gray concrete tiles in 15x15 cm


Decorative tiles and natural textures

We make decorative tiles made of concrete and designed with natural inks that penetrate inside the cement.

Concrete absorbs the inks of our designs, because of that, we use natural inks that do not require temperature to set. As a result, inks seep into the cement.

In effect, no pixel marks or print patterns remain, thanks to that, is simply ink and cement. Each piece has different shades that make them unrepeatable, thus is why no two pieces will ever be alike.

Decorative tiles and colors

This mixture of ink and cement results in exclusive textures and colors. In detail, we get an inimitable color depth. As the inks penetrate deep into the cement, it is possible to use our tiles for floor and wall.

Cement has the particularity of changing its tone as it dries. Therefore, the colors of our pieces change slightly over time and achieve a natural effect that makes each piece unique. We could say that concrete is a living material that changes over time with a setting that lasts more than 100 years.

We protect our tiles from the inside with a matt acrylic finish, thus, our tiles look like natural concrete with a perfect surface protection.

Bathroom wall with black concrete tiles in 15x15 cm - Arena collection
Bathroom floor with black concrete tiles in 20x20 cm - Arena collection

Exclusive Designs

We have our own design team, we certainly create our tiles following the latest trends in decoration and adapting our natural materials to the styles of the latest trends.