Bathroom wall with black concrete tiles in 15x15 cm - Arena collection

Cement tiles designed for indoor and outdoor use.

At Dgeum we have developed cement tiles for floors and walls suitable for a wide range of applications, so we can use cement as a natural surface coating.

Our aim is to bring natural materials to our interior and exterior decoration projects. As a result, our tiles have a different look that makes them special.

We have three different tile sizes: 15×15, 20×20 and 10×20 centimetres. These tile sizes are suitable for both floors and walls and have two different thicknesses: 13 and 18 millimetres.

Full body white, grey and black cement tiles

Full body cement tiles

Our tiles are manufactured in mass concrete, which gives them a special appearance and characteristics.

We have developed various cement tiles in different styles, so that they can be used in different applications:

Cement tiles in white, grey and black cement
Living room floor with graphite concrete tiles in 20x20 cm
Texture of white, grey and black cement tiles


All our products are made from natural cement, so our cement tiles are environmentally friendly and stylish, creating unique floor and wall coverings.

Cement, because of its hardness and resistance, is part of all our products, which is why we use it as our main material.

Making a natural and environmentally friendly product is part of our philosophy, that's why we use natural inks to make our designs on concrete.

Dgeum Collection

The name Dgeum comes from the concept of Design Geo Materia. At Dgeum Collection we have been manufacturing special floor and wall tiles since 1992, so we have a long experience working with natural materials. We look to nature for inspiration to create unique tiles.