Concrete tiles in 15x15 cm with cement in mass inspired by urban architecture

Cement tiles designed for indoor and outdoor use.

At Dgeum we have developed cement floor and wall tiles suitable for a wide range of applications. Our purpose is to bring natural materials to our indoor and outdoor decoration projects, as a result our tiles have a different look that makes them special.

We manufacture materials that in themselves convey their own style, thus creating unique floor and wall tiles. We have three different formats: 15×15 cm, 20×20 cm and 10×20 cm. These formats are suitable for both floors and walls. We also have two different thicknesses: 13 mm and 18 mm.

Full body white, grey and black cement tiles

Full body cement tiles

All our tiles are manufactured in full body mass, which is why our pieces have a special appearance and characteristics. We have developed several collections with different compositions: Esencia and Urban.

In this image you can see a section of our tiles from the Urban collection. This collection is manufactured with three base cements: white, grey and black.

Cement tiles in white, grey and black cement

Texture and finish

Our tiles have a very natural feel. They convey a feeling of softness that is not found in other materials. The protection we give to our tiles from the Urban collection makes cement a very interesting material for kitchens and bathrooms.

This image shows the natural texture of the cement and its silky sheen.

Texture of white, grey and black cement tiles

Dgeum Collection

Dgeum comes from the Design Geo Materia concept. At Dgeum Collection we have been manufacturing special floor and wall tiles since 1992, so we have extensive experience working with natural materials. We look to nature for inspiration to create unique tiles.